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We love Balenciaga handbags here at The Handbag Spa and we’re not the only ones, with a loyal celebrity and blogger following. Here at The Handbag Spa we offer the best Balenciaga Handbag Restoration service in the UK.


Our services include:

– Colour Change

– Colour Restoration

– Handle Replacement

– New Handle Rope

– Full Clean and many more!


Balenciaga Handbag Restoration

Although the iconic Balenciaga Motorcycle styles are notorious for fading dramatically, here at The Handbag Spa we can clean and restore them to a ‘Like New’ condition, replicating the exact finishes that Balenciaga use themselves. We were tasked with colour restoring this black Balenciaga City, whilst retaining it’s soft texture. It had a Full Cleaning treatment followed by full Colour Restoration. As a result, we feel there is no denying it’s amazing transformation!

The customer let us know how happy she is with the results: “I have just received my bag, and it looks great. It looks as good as new! Thank you so much. I am glad I gave my bag to you for colour repair.”


The unique mottle bottle green colour of this Balenciaga bag, had faded to a lighter green shade when it arrived at The Handbag Spa, which does happen with exposure to sunlight etc. Our craftsmen carried out a Full Clean, Handle Degrease and Colour Restoration treatments to achieve the best possible results. Another successful Balenciaga Handbag Restoration job by the team!



This Balenciaga Day handbag had also started to loose its deep black colour and was starting to turn into more of a grey shade in places (such around the top zip). After a trip to The Handbag Spa and a Full Clean combined with a Colour Restoration treatment, this Balenciaga bag was looking refreshed.


This Balenciaga handbag came into the spa, looking very well-loved! We undertook a Full Clean, Handle Degrease and Full Colour Restoration treatment to get it looking summer ready! Pease note, with a Handle Degreasing treatment we aim to extract as much grease as possible out of the leather and lighten them, but sometimes we can’t recolour the handles as the pigments may be unstable and subsequently peel.


The original black colour of this Balenciaga handbag faded with years of use and was in need of a little TLC when it came into The Handbag Spa. For the first part of the repair, the workshop fixed the exposed and broken piping. To then prepare the handbag for colour work, the team fully cleaned it inside out and then colour restored it to black. As a result, this bag left looking revived and ready for many more years use.


Balenciaga Handbag Repair

One of the most common problems with a well loved Balenciaga bag is the string becoming frayed. We have sourced a matching string so you can be assured that this iconic feature can be restored. Returning your bag back to looking its best with plenty more wear left in it. A perfect add on to any package for your well loved Balenciaga bag.


Balenciaga City burn repair



Have you got a handbag at the bottom of your wardrobe? Once loved now forgotten? Why not see what we can do for your Balenciaga handbag and get a quote today!

Contact The Handbag Spa directly:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709


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