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The Handbag Spa have restored many 1000’s of handbag and other items over the past decade take a look at some of our amazing transformations!

Gucci Corner Repair

Unfortunately many handbags suffer from wear on the piping leaving unsightly damage.
Our specialist methods ensure that this is fixed to perfection and will give many more years of wear for its owner.

LV Dye Transfer Removal

Our customer was devastated when her lovely Louis Vuitton bum bag became stained with dye transfer.
Having cleaned and restored this it is now back to its former glory.

Chanel Boy Colour Change

Having already picked up some staining after light use our client decided they wanted this Chanel handbag to go to a classic black colour to get many more years wear out of it. Using professional dyes which will not transfer or wear in any different way to that of your original Chanel, this Colour Change treatment was a great success.

Prada Double Zip Tote Colour Change

This Prada double zip tote came into The Handbag Spa in a blush pink shade, which the customer felt wasn’t working for her anymore. Afterall, lighter coloured bags are notorious for picking up staining and showing dirt up. She asked our team to change its interior and exterior colour to black, which is a great colour for covering up stains. This colour change is in keeping with the rest of Prada’s double zip tote range and worked to really transform the overall bag.

Chanel Colour Change

This tired looking Chanel needed a new lease of life. After seeing many seasons wear as a white summer bag it was time for a change. The customer decided to go with the Colour Change treatment and change it to black to use as a new winter bag. Now the bag can see many more seasons use and will go with everything.

Hermes Metal Polish

Hardware often becomes dirty and tarnished over time. In most cases where the metal has become dull a Metal Polish treatment will rectify this bringing back the original shine. This treatment however will not remove scratches or restore loss of colour from plated metal. This treatment is included in the Marbella package so is perfect to have alongside an interior and exterior clean or can be carried out as a stand alone treatment too!

Chanel Milan Treatment

This Chanel came in with severe dye transfer and overall colour wear. This fell into our Milan Package so we carried out a deep Interior and Exterior Clean, Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restore to restore the leather. With light coloured bags we do recommend adding on Stain Protection to your package for an extra £20.00.

Prada Purse Ink Removal

It may be small, but it’s there! An ink mark can be the most annoying thing. There are many home remedies out there for this sort of problem but most of them will take out the colour of the leather, leaving you with a mark even worse than what you started off with. Send it to the experts for removal and you would never even have known it was there.

Chanel Trim Colour Change

Chanel Trim Colour Change. Lighter coloured fabric can mark easily and be hard to maintain, but luckily here at The Handbag Spa we have experts on hand to help. A Colour Change to the trim on this Chanel tote transformed its whole look and gave the bag a whole new lease of life!

Chanel Colour Restoration

This unique Chanel handbag was suffering with a bad case of colour fade when it came into The Handbag Spa. Luckily our technicians can colour match by eye, so they restored the overall handbag back to its original white colour – including the strap. The black paint detail was then added to get the bag looking fresh and in ‘like new’ condition again.

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