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The Handbag Spa have restored many 1000’s of handbag and other items over the past decade take a look at some of our amazing transformations!

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Gucci Corner Repair

Unfortunately many handbags suffer from wear on the piping leaving unsightly damage.
Our specialist methods ensure that this is fixed to perfection and will give many more years of wear for its owner.

LV Dye Transfer Removal

Our customer was devastated when her lovely Louis Vuitton bum bag became stained with dye transfer.
Having cleaned and restored this it is now back to its former glory.

Chanel Boy Colour Change

Having already picked up some staining after light use our client decided they wanted this Chanel handbag to go to a classic black colour to get many more years wear out of it. Using professional dyes which will not transfer or wear in any different way to that of your original Chanel, this Colour Change treatment was a great success.

Prada Double Zip Tote Colour Change

This Prada double zip tote came into The Handbag Spa in a blush pink shade, which the customer felt wasn’t working for her anymore. Afterall, lighter coloured bags are notorious for picking up staining and showing dirt up. She asked our team to change its interior and exterior colour to black, which is a great colour for covering up stains. This colour change is in keeping with the rest of Prada’s double zip tote range and worked to really transform the overall bag.

Chanel Colour Change

This tired looking Chanel needed a new lease of life. After seeing many seasons wear as a white summer bag it was time for a change. The customer decided to go with the Colour Change treatment and change it to black to use as a new winter bag. Now the bag can see many more seasons use and will go with everything.

Hermes Metal Polish

Hardware often becomes dirty and tarnished over time. In most cases where the metal has become dull a Metal Polish treatment will rectify this bringing back the original shine. This treatment however will not remove scratches or restore loss of colour from plated metal. This treatment is included in the Marbella package so is perfect to have alongside an interior and exterior clean or can be carried out as a stand alone treatment too!

Chanel Milan Treatment

This Chanel came in with severe dye transfer and overall colour wear. This fell into our Milan Package so we carried out a deep Interior and Exterior Clean, Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restore to restore the leather. With light coloured bags we do recommend adding on Stain Protection to your package for an extra £20.00.

Prada Purse Ink Removal

It may be small, but it’s there! An ink mark can be the most annoying thing. There are many home remedies out there for this sort of problem but most of them will take out the colour of the leather, leaving you with a mark even worse than what you started off with. Send it to the experts for removal and you would never even have known it was there.

Chanel Trim Colour Change

Chanel Trim Colour Change. Lighter coloured fabric can mark easily and be hard to maintain, but luckily here at The Handbag Spa we have experts on hand to help. A Colour Change to the trim on this Chanel tote transformed its whole look and gave the bag a whole new lease of life!

Chanel Colour Restoration

This unique Chanel handbag was suffering with a bad case of colour fade when it came into The Handbag Spa. Luckily our technicians can colour match by eye, so they restored the overall handbag back to its original white colour – including the strap. The black paint detail was then added to get the bag looking fresh and in ‘like new’ condition again.

Prada Bag Ink Removal

Has your Prada handbag got an ink mark annoying you? This customer knew better that to try and remove the ink herself, so she sent in her deerskin Prada into The Handbag Spa for rectification. After an Ink Removal and Colour Touch Up treatment by our expert technicians, it’s hard to see that a mark was ever there…

Prada Stain Removal And Colour Restoration

This Prada handbag came in to the spa, looking dull and a little distressed with years of use – it was definitely in desperate need of some expert attention! Firstly our technicians gave the bag a Full Clean, followed by a Stain Removal process for the marks and finished with Full Colour Restoration. Now the handbag is back to looking its best and ready for many more years of use.

Prada Stain Removal

This customer was heartbroken when she discovered a can of hairspray had leaked inside her oyster grey Prada handbag, causing a severe stain and even flattening the leather’s natural grain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment which can rectify a flattened grain pattern, which is something we advised the customer of when the bag arrived at the spa. We then undertook our Full Clean, Stain Removal and Colour Restoration treatments, which definitely did the handbag wonders! The technicians did such a good job of blending the bottom area of the bag in, that it’s now hard to tell that the grain pattern is flatter than the rest of the bag.

Chanel Classic Flap Colour Change

Lighter coloured bags, such as this camel Chanel flap, are notorious for picking up stains and showing dirt, so a Colour Change to a darker shade is a great way to make your bag more wearable. This customer opted for black, which ensured even coverage of the original colour and also was in keeping with Chanel’s handbag range. The technicians undertook a Full Clean, which is necessary before proceeding with a Colour Change, in order to remove any surface dirt and prep the bag. Afterwards black dye was applied to the exterior of the handbag and it’s chain strap, to give it the desired makeover.

Prada Corner Colour Touch Up

This Prada Saffiano bag came into The Handbag Spa with a scuffed corner. In addition to the light damage sustained, the colour had been lost too and due to the bags white colour, this was very noticeable! Luckily the technicians could restore the exact shade back to this area with a Colour Touch up treatment.

Hermes Canvas Dye Transfer Removal

Our customer’s canvas Hermès Herbag, had dark dye transfer spoiling its exterior. We recommended a Full Clean & Stain Removal treatment to freshen up the bag. Using our specialist cleaning techniques, the technicians were able to reduce the dye transfer considerably and get bag looking new season ready. The customer was so happy she wrote on Google: “Very professional and friendly service! Perfect handbag cleaning service”.

Chanel Suede Clean

This Suede Chanel handbag came into the spa with Dye Transfer building up on its surface, creating dark areas which were ruining its appearance! The technical team undertook our specialist Suede Cleaning treatment to reduce the marks and staining as much as possible. As you can see from the images above, this was a resounding success.

Mulberry Mitzy Ink Removal

Ink marks are very common and can really ruin the appearance of your favourite arm candy! Luckily, this Mulberry owner knew better than to undertake a home remedy and sent her handbag in to the spa for expert attention and restoration. After a HBSpa Clean and Ink Removal Treatment followed by a Colour Touch Up to blend in any colour loss, this Mulberry Mitzy was back to looking its best.

Mulberry Makeover

This Mulberry Bayswater has been given a new lease of life and is now ready for another season. Our makeover took a tired looking Pink Bayswater and transformed it to a classic Oxblood

Mulberry Colour Touch Up

We can all relate to that annoying wear and tear that shows on the corners of our bags. Luckily we have the remedy here at The Handbag Spa with our Colour Touch Up treatment. We match every colour by eye, on the day for each individual handbag. Nothing is pre-mixed, so you can rest assured we will get the exact colour for your bag.

Mulberry Canvas HBSpa Clean

The day to day dirt build up on fabric bags can soon become unsightly. A deep cleansing treatment called HBSpa Clean, (which is unique to The Handbag Spa and works on both leather and fabric), was perfect for this Mulberry. This specialist clean removed all the set in dirt, whilst keeping the bag hydrated and ensuring the whole bag staying beautifully soft. Not only did it clean the exterior, but this treatment cleaned up the interior too!

Mulberry Bayswater Patent Clean

Mulberry Bayswater Patent Clean. This patent leather Mulberry Bayswater was looking dull and the shine had gone. This Patent Clean restored the shine of the leather making the bag look s shiny as it did when it was new.

Lanvin Dye Transfer Removal

Tan is a great colour for a handbag, as it goes with so much – but dark dye transfer is not such a great look for any fashionista. Lighter coloured bags are very susceptible to this affliction, as we all want to wear our favourite arm candy with a trusty pair of jeans (like this customer and her Lanvin). Here at The Handbag Spa we offer a Dye Transfer Removal treatment, which typically sees the bag undertaking a Full Clean, Stain Removal and Colour Correction in order to eradicate any marks.

Chanel Transformation

This Chanel came to us in a very sorry state after a home attempt to restore the colour went wrong. Our expert team worked their magic to change the colour and make the handbag presentable again

Chanel Full Works

When we say full works we mean it! This Chanel came in extremely worn with severe colour wear both on the main body and handle. This required an Interior & Exterior Clean, Full Colour Restore and Chanel Strap Restore to bring it back to a wearable condition. This one takes pride of place in our gallery as we feel the results are truly outstanding.

Mulberry Alexa Milan Treatment

This bag had seen a lot of wear over the years and needed a lot of attention to get it back to looking it’s best. The customer chose the Milan treatment which included a HBSpa Clean, Piping Repairs and Full Colour Restoration. An additional Detox treatment was also carried out as the bag had suffered from pet urine stains and smells.

Chanel Fabric Clean

Coffee stain? No problem. After this handbag had a disaster with a cup of coffee the customer thought that was it. Then she found our Handbag Spa and decided to send it in for a Fabric Clean. The Chanel bag was returned to the customer stain free, clean and looking great. Smiles all round.

Chanel Full Colour Restore

This beautiful Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap came in looking tired, faded and in need of colour restoration. The full handbag was cleaned and the colour matched to the original leather found on an unworn area inside the pocket. Using specialist colours and finishes the bag was colour restored whilst retaining the soft feeling which is so important with the Chanel lambskin leather.

Louis Vuitton Degreasing And Vachetta Restore

After a disastrous oil spillage from inside the bag, it seemed like there was no hope left for this beautiful vachetta Louis Vuitton. A full degreasing treatment was carried out to extract the grease in the leather and then finished off with a vachetta restoration process.

Mulberry SBS Dye Transfer Removal

A common problem on handbags, but we cant all avoid wearing our favourite handbag with our favourite pair of jeans because of it! The Handbag Spa Dye Transfer Removal service will see the blue discolouration removed and if needed the colour corrected to return handbags to looking as they should. We recommend a Stain Protection service is carried out after this to help prevent this problem from occurring in the future! We also have a handy product that you can use at home too called Dermo Protect. See our shop for more details.

Ralph Lauren Handle Edging Repair

Isn’t it annoying when the inking on your handle starts to go? It can quickly make your handbag look worn and aged. This can be resolved with our specialist Handle Edging Repair treatment. We will match the colour of your existing edging, remove the old damaged edging and re-apply a nice new coat.

Mulberry Interior Clean

The inside of this Mulberry handbag had definitely seen better days. The lining on this everyday bag had seen make up spills, liquid staining, dirt build up and more. An Interior Clean was carried out lifting all the dirt particles and removing the staining in the lining. Now it is looking fresh and ready for a few more years use!

Bridge Lining Replacement

Linings can get very worn out, especially when the bag is a few years old. Rather than ditching the bag why not replace the lining? The Handbag Spa will source a new lining for you whether that be one to match as close as possible or something a little bit different. Our trained technicians will then re-create the lining by using the pattern of the old one and where possible they will save key features such as pockets and zips. this keeps the bag looking as close to the original as possible.

Chanel Lining Strip And Dye

A problem we see a lot at The Handbag Spa. Disintegrating linings causing the interior to become sticky and flaky. The best solution for this problem is to remove all that is coming off from the surface and re-dye the fabric underneath. This keeps the bags original lining, meaning that no deconstructing or replacement of parts is necessary keeping the bag as close to the original as possible. This Chanel cleaned up beautifully on the inside making it usable again.

Mulberry Turn Lock Replacement

Here at The Handbag Spa we do not stock original hardware but we can replace parts. The turn lock on a Mulberry is quite a common part to break and we do offer the replacement of that part whilst keeping the original top plate intact. This is a perfect example of that hardware repair.

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Restore

The delicate vachetta leather found most commonly on Louis vuitton handbags needs specialist attention to ensure it gets the best type of cleaning without unnecessary pigments being applied which can be common with other companies and will ultimately change the leather. Here at The Handbag Spa we pride ourselves in the results that can be achieved through our vachetta restoration treatment. This is a perfect example of the removal of surface staining on vachetta leather with our specialist cleaning treatment.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monaco Treatment

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monaco Treatment. Dye transfer staining on the back of this bag was really ruining its appearance. It required an Exterior Clean, Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Touch Up to get it back to looking it’s best. All these treatments were available under the Monaco Treatment.

Chanel Mould Removal

Chanel Mould Removal. Damp happens, and mould can grow on leather and fabric affecting the appearance and smell. Cleaned professionally with a specific mould cleaner that is safe to use on both leather and fabric, eliminates the mould and stops it from returning. Not only that but it will get rid of the horrible odour that so often comes with mould. Some times colour restoration can be required after mould removal if the mould has caused any damage to the surface of the leather. It is not always evident this has happened until after treatment.

Piping Repair

Piping repair before and after. A common problem on a lot of different types of handbags is worn corners, exposing the piping underneath. In order to retain the bag as close to the original as possible we simply repair only the area which is damaged rather that re-piping the whole bag which would involve dismantling the original stitching. Our trained technicians skillfully rebuild the area where the leather has come away and re-colour to match the original. This results in a strong repair to give the bag many more seasons wear.

YSL Colour Touch Up

Colour touch up YSL before and after. Coleen Rooney sent her bag into The Handbag Spa for a colour touch up on an area of colour loss on the back of her YSL evening bag. The area was colour matched and touched up to eliminate the area of discolouration. Safe to say we had a happy client as a result!

Colour Restore

Dyes fade over time making leather look tired, dry and worn. The Colour Restore treatment will have the colour of the leather matched by eye and the colour restored using professional dyes which will not transfer onto your clothing. The dyes last as long as the original dyes that were in the leather in the first place, giving a professional long lasting finish. An Exterior Clean is recommended prior to this treatment to ensure an even finish.

Givenchy Nightingale Stain Removal

Stain Removal before and after. Drink leaked inside your handbag leaving an unsightly mark? Book it in for a Stain Removal at The Handbag Spa to restore it back to it’s former glory. Soft leathers such as lambskin, aniline and full grain can be extremely susceptible to liquid staining. This bag had a Stain Protection treatment added on at the end to protect it from any recurring disasters.

Balenciaga Handle Re-String

One of the most common problems with a well loved Balenciaga bag is the handle rope becoming frayed. Here at The Handbag Spa we have sourced a matching string so you can be assured that this iconic feature can be returned to looking its best with plenty more wear left in it. A perfect add on to any package for your loved Balenciaga bag.

Chanel Pump Restoration

These beautiful pearlescent Chanel Pumps came to the Spa needing some help. Despite our title being ‘handbag’ spa we are a dab hand at shoes too! After a full clean and freshen up then re-finished with a pearlescent finish to match that of the original leather they are looking as good as new and are ready to hit the streets again!

Chanel Stain Removal

This unfinished caviar Chanel arrived with an unsightly stain on the bottom that had been picked up from a liquid spillage. Undergoing a Stain removal treatment the stain was lifted and the colour rectified to an even finish. All this and not even losing the unusual sparkle effect!

Coach Purse Interior Clean

After looking up a home remedy to soak up a bad smell using bi-carbonate soda, this purse got in a bit of a state. There was white powder in every nook and cranny! An Interior Clean on the leather and fabric sorted this right out. As well as bags we do offer our services on purses too and they a cheaper, so well worth submitting a form for a quote.

Chloé Leather Repairs

Severe abrasion to the leather surface had caused this Chloé bag to lose colour and become rough on the surface. Light surface repairs were required to smooth over the surface of the leather and then the colour matched exactly by eye to even out the colour. The results speak for themselves.

Lupo Dye Transfer Removal And Colour Restore

This Lupo bag sent in by one of our international customers had seen better days and was in need of some TLC. It had suffered from ink stains, colour fading and dye transfer. We carried out the work and were left with a very happy customer who even wrote on our Facebook page with her feedback.

Mulberry Bayswater Piping Repair

This has to be one of the most common problems we see on Mulberry Bayswaters, a bit of an Achilles Heel of this almost indestructible bag. Our solution to this problem is to replace any damaged piping in that area, and seal up the area using glues, fillers and pigments to rebuild the area so it’s strong and ready to face the elements. This means we don’t have to de-construct the bag keeping it as close to the original as possible which is always our number one concern here at The Handbag Spa.

Chanel Interior Lining Repair

The inside of a woman’s handbag can see a lot of use and subsequent wear and tear as result! The lining of this Chanel handbag had actually torn and started peeling before it’s trip to The Handbag Spa. The technicians repaired and restored the area in order to give the handbag a lot more years of use!

Givenchy Antigona Handle Replacement

A fashion icon such as the Givenchy Antigona, deserves to look its best. Unfortunately our customers had been well used, well loved and needed The Handbag Spa to rescue it! After the addition of New Handles, a Full Clean and Full Colour Restoration this handbag is now ready for any occasion.

Chloé Shoes Colour Change

It’s not just handbags we clean and restore here at the spa! These cream Chloé pumps had seen better days – as we all know cream can be a hard colour to keep looking it’s best. The customer decided it would be best to change the colour of the shoes to a more wearable tan shade. This transformation worked well and the darker shade ensured even coverage of any previous staining. The technicians did such a good job that no-one would have any idea of their original colour.

Karen Millen Suede Clean

It’s easy to feel like your handbag is ruined when you see the build up dirt and dye transfer has stained it, but here’s where The Handbag Spa can help! This Karen Millen bag came into The Handbag Spa looking a little worse for wear and in need of our specialist Suede Clean. After we removed the Dye Transfer from the leather, the mandarin colour looked refreshed – rejuvenating the handbags overall look.

Mulberry Bayswater Interior Mould Removal

This Mulberry Bayswater had been stored in damp conditions and mould had infested it’s interior… not what any handbag lover wants to see! Here at The Handbag Spa, we have professional mould cleaning processes, which eliminate mould and ensure that it doesn’t come back! The suede interior in this case cleaned up beautifully and the nasty mould odour was removed too.

Quilted Chanel Corner Repair

This quilted Chanel handbag had been well used over the years, so much so that the corners had worn through and the white piping was now exposed. With prices starting from £40.00 for a corner repair, the customer decided the best thing to do was to send her handbag into the spa before the problem got any worse. The repair was skillfully undertaken by our technicians and was so successful that it’s hard to see that the piping was ever exposed in the after photo.

Chanel Stain Removal

We’re all guilty of putting our handbags down on any old surface, but this is where they can pick up stains and colour wear (not to mention the germs the encounter!) This quilted Chanel bag had a bad case of a stained bottom when it came into the spa for the pamper. We undertook a Full Interior and Exterior Clean, combined with Full Colour Restoration to get it looking fresh again! Now this Chanel handbag doesn’t have any unattractive dark marks.

Gucci Full Colour Restoration

Brightly coloured handbags like this Gucci, deserve to be kept looking their radiant best – although exposure to UV rays, the build-up of dirt and grease over time does not make this easy! This bags owner decided after years of use, to send it to The Handbag Spa for expert attention. After a HBSpa Clean and Full Colour Restoration this Gucci is in tip-top condition once again.

Tom Ford Stain Removal

This customer was gutted that her Tom Ford handbag had a dark stain ruining its appearance! As the overall bag was in great condition, the technicians only needed to undertake a Colour Touch Up treatment of the area. As our technicians are trained to mix colour by eye, they can guarantee a bespoke colour shade which blends in with the rest of the leather.

Mulberry Full Lining Clean

This Mulberry handbags’ lining was looking a bit grubby before it’s trip to The Handbag Spa. The zip had left dark marks on the interior and overall it had gone dark with dirt and use. It had a HBSpa treatment, so the interior and exterior were fully cleaned using our unique cleaning system. Now it looks so much lighter and the zip marks have reduced considerably. This treatment would come under our Marbella package.

Louis Vuitton Backpack Vachetta Stain Removal

We’re all guilty of carrying a drink around inside our bags, but what about if the contents leak? This can lead to some serious staining, not to mention the stress! The owner of this water-stained Louis Vuitton backpack came to the spa with their dilemma. We recommended a Full Clean and Vachetta Restoration treatment, aiming to reduce the marks left from the water as much as possible. After undergoing these treatments the designer rucksack had a much more visually appealing leather trim.

Caviar GST Chanel Restoration

This beige Chanel GST was lovingly treated at The Handbag Spa, with a Full Clean, Dye Transfer Removal, Colour Refresh and Handle Colour Refresh. Our technicians have plenty of experience with Caviar leather, so with their expert care and attention, we managed to bring this Chanel back to its former glory. Our customer was very happy with the results, as Ishbel wrote on Google: ‘Fabulous way to have a much loved bag madeover like new!!’

Mulberry Oak Bayswater Stain Removal

The Mulberry Bayswater in oak is a new modern classic and deserves to be kept looking its best. Unfortunately, this customers came into The Handbag Spa with a grease based stain on the front. After undertaking a Degreasing treatment, followed by a Full Clean and Colour Restoration, you can hardly tell that a mark was ever there! Our technicians here at The Handbag Spa have plenty of experience with restoring the rich oak colour back to Mulberry’s.

Quilted Chanel Colour Restoration

The day-to-day build up of dirt can actually make your bag look shiner, as you can see from this Chanel before photo. In this example, we carried out our Full Clean treatment to remove the surface dirt and refresh the bag, a Colour Restoration process was then required to rejuvenate the colour. This Chanel was then Re-finished with a Saint Gloss effect, which was in keeping with the original finish, before dirt made its surface shiney. You can specify a chosen finish (matt, satin gloss or hi-shine) when your handbag arrives at the spa.

Louis Vuitton Handle Degrease

Dark handles are such a common problem we see here at the spa! Handles made from leather can go very dark due to the grease and natural oils from your hands penetrating the leather (in this case the Vachetta) this is particularly common if you wear a lot of hand cream! Fortunately here at The Handbag Spa, we offer a Handle Degrease treatment which aims to extract as much grease out of the leather as possible and lighten it. For a Louis Vuitton bag with a leather trim, we would recommend following up the Handle Degrease process with our overall Vachetta Restoration treatment.

Mulberry Bayswater Colour Restoration

The base of bag can see some serious wear and tear, which was the case with this Mulberry Bayswater. In order to restore this iconic bag back its original oak shade, it came into The Handbag Spa, where the technical team first fully cleaned it inside and out. The next stage was restore the colour, by using an interior tab, which had been unaffected through the seasons, as a reference point. Now this Bayswater is back to looking its beautiful best. We have plenty of experience with Mulberry handbags and definitely have the expertise to transform yours.

Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas Full Clean

This Louis Vuitton Damier Azur tote came into The Handbag Spa for a Full Clean. The lighter coloured coated canvas was looking grubby after years of use and was in need of a little TLC. We revived the handbag with our exclusive HBSpa Clean treatment, which ensured it was cleaned inside and out. Now this Louis Vuitton is looking much fresher and in an overall better condition. You can book your bag into the spa for a HBSpa treatment today.

Mulberry Bayswater Interior Ink Removal

A woman’s handbag can be filled with all sorts, which can cause damage to the interior leather, from water bottles to ink pens! This Mulberry Bayswater had ink marks and staining blighting its raw suede lining. After an Interior Suede Clean and specialist Ink Removal treatment as carried out The Handbag Spa, the marks had pretty much vanished. Please note, we cannot guarantee full removal of ink, but aim to reduce it as much as possible.

Balenciaga Full Colour Restoration

The original black colour of this Balenciaga handbag faded with years of use and was in need of a little TLC when it came into The Handbag Spa. Firstly, the workshop repaired the piping, which was exposed and had actually broken. They then carried out a Full Clean to remove any surface dirt from the handbag, so it could then be Colour Restored back to black. This Balenciaga bag is now looking revived and ready for many more years use.

Louis Vuitton Handle Degrease & Vachetta Restoration

This Louis Vuitton handbag had grease present in the handles and had darkened as a result. After a Handle Degreasing treatment and overall Vachetta Restoration process, the handles were lightened and marks on the leather trim of the main body of the bag were reduced considerably. Here at The Handbag Spa, it is our ethos to work with a handbags original features, so we do not colour over vachetta leather with pigment (as this usually peels and can make your bag look fake).

Jimmy Choo Ink Removal

Has the exterior of your handbag looked better? This Jimmy Choo handbag came into the spa with big black splotches of ink ruining its look. After an Ink Removal and Colour Touch Up treatment by our specially trained technicians, it’s hard to see that the marks were ever there!

Mulberry Purse Colour Correction

Ostrich leather has a really unique texture and look to it, so any restoration work should be carried out by a specialist technician, with expertise in exotic leathers. The staff at The Handbag Spa have plenty of experience in this field and in the case of this Mulberry purse, were able to rectify the noticeable colour loss with a Colour Touch Up treatment. Our technicians are trained to colour mix by eye to ensure the best coverage possible is achieved.

Louis Vuitton Handle Degrease

Here’s an example of a Louis Vuitton Handle Degrease treatment as undertaken by our expert technicians at The Handbag Spa. The first photo depicts the handles looking darker with the grease content present and the image below shows how much lighter they are after we’ve extracted as much grease out of the handles as possible.

Louis Vuitton Interior Lining Stain Removal

Marks in the interior of bags are such a common problem! This Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote came into The Handbag Spa for Full Clean and Vachetta Restoration to freshen it up. With these treatments we were able to remove the little stain from inside the bag and even out the vachetta. Why not see what we can do for your arm candy and get a quote today!

Mulberry Stain Removal

The bottom of leather handbags can pick up all kinds of stains and marks over time and with use, but don’t let this deter you! Our specialist treatments ranging from Full Cleans, Degreasing and Colour Corrections, can rectify problem areas. This oak Mulberry handbag is a great example of the Stain Removal results we can achieve here at The Handbag Spa.

Louis Vuitton Suitcase Clean

Louis Vuitton made their name in luggage and their suitcases are iconic, so they’re well worth taking the time to clean and restore! The Vachetta on this client’s Louis Vuitton suitcase was looking marked and grubby when it arrived at The Handbag Spa. Luckily our expert technicians undertook a Vachetta Restoration treatment, which does not entail putting ANY pigment on the leather trim. Now the dark patches have been blended in and the Vachetta looks much more even.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Exterior Clean

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Exterior Clean. This Louis Vuitton had suffered from day to day dirt build up and liquid staining. An Exterior Clean treatment was chosen to remove all that was sitting on the surface. The Epi Leather cleaned up beautifully using a water based foam cleaning method which got deep into the grain lifting all the stubborn dirt. The results speak for themselves.

Burberry Colour Restoration

This unique Burberry stud hobo came into the spa in need of a full restoration service. Over time the original grey colour had darkened and even worn away in parts. After a Full Clean and Colour Refresh by our technicians, it was transformed back to its beautiful self.

Mulberry Before
Mulberry After

Mulberry Restyle

Fed up with last seasons colour?
Give your favourite handbag a makeover to match this seasons colours
Our RESTYLE package will transform your tired outdated handbag into something fabulous again.

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