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Celine Handbag Cleaning and Restoration

Soft lambskin in a light colour can be a nightmare! This Céline had suffered wear and tear to the back with dye transfer from dark clothing. After undertaking a Celine Handbag Cleaning treatment, followed by a Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restoration process, this bag was ready to be worn with pride again.



This Celine Tie bag was in need of cleaning and overall restoration work when it came into The Handbag Spa. The craftsmen firstly went about smoothing over the surface scratches on the leather, they then removed the liquid staining and gave the handbag a Full Clean. These treatments were so successful on the bag, that no colour restoration work was needed.


The surface of leather can scratch and look marked over time, which is what happened with Ana’s Céline bag. Luckily here at The Handbag Spa, our technicians can carry out a Scratch Repair treatment to smooth over the surface and get bags back to looking their best.

Ana was so pleased with the results and her experience with The Handbag Spa, she wrote on Google:

‘Used twice (for 3 handbags) and very happy with service. Courier service pick up and delivery makes it even easier.’

Accidents do happen and this customer went about finding a company who could rectify the marks left on her Céline Phantom from a coffee spillage. After doing her research she chose The Handbag Spa and sent her Céline into our Harrogate HQ all the way from Sweden! We undertook a Celine Handbag Cleaning treatment and a Stain Removal process. Now you would never know it had any marks…

Another happy customer! Sofie also reviewed our service on Google and stated:

‘Amazing company. Service minded and extremely competent. I sent over my beloved Céline from Sweden, which had coffee spilled over it. They rescued it and now it looks brand new again! Highly recommended, they perform miracles.’



This Celine box bag actually came into the spa a shade of blue, but the customer was keen for a change. She decided to turn the bag into a grey colour and included a colour reference of the particular grey shade she wanted. As our technicians colour mix by eye, which ensures a bespoke shade is created, they were able to create the desired colour.



Have you got a handbag at the bottom of your wardrobe? Once loved now forgotten? Why not see what we can do for your Céline handbag and get a quote today!

Contact The Handbag Spa directly:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709

Email: info@thehandbagspa.com

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