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We love Chanel handbags here at The Handbag Spa and pride ourselves as being one of the UK’s most reputable companies for Chanel Handbag Cleaning, Repair and Restoration.


5 reasons why women choose to send their Chanel handbags to us?

1. Vast experience in dealing with Chanel handbags, from vintage Woc’s through to this current season style’s such as the Boy bag.

2. Our high skilled technicians can colour match to the exact colour so as not to alter the classic look of the Chanel style.

3. We understand the delicate finishes and can replicate them as close to the original as possible in order to keep the leather feeling soft and supple.

4. The wide range of highly regarded services including full colour restoration of the interior, exterior and the woven leather strap.

5. We offer the best water-based aftercare product range for looking after Chanel handbags after their visit to The Handbag Spa.


Chanel Colour Change

Chanel handbags are well known for retaining their value, so they’re definitely worth investing in!

This client wanted a colour change from cream to black to keep her Chanel looking modern and wearable. The transformation was achieved by the technicians at The Handbag Spa, using professional products, which will not transfer or rub off over time.


Lighter coloured bags, such as this camel Chanel flap, are notorious for picking up stains and showing dirt, so a Colour Change to a darker shade is a great way to make your bag a little more wearable. This customer opted for black, which ensured even coverage of the original colour and also was in keeping with Chanel’s handbag range. The technicians undertook a Full Clean, which is necessary before proceeding with a Colour Change, in order to remove any surface dirt and prep the bag. Afterwards black dye was applied to the exterior of the handbag and it’s chain strap, to give it the desired makeover.

We had one happy customer, who said of the service:

‘Excellent and professional service from the Handbag Spa, always! Recommend to all.’


Patent leather is probably one of the hardest materials to clean and restore. It’s a common misconception that having a handbag which has such a shiny finish means that marks and stains can just be wiped off the surface of patent leather, but unfortunately this is not the case! It is actually very difficult to clean away stains on patent as any marks penetrate the finish. The black stains could not be removed from this patent Chanel bag, so we recommended the customer dyed it to black. It was a really successful colour change, which the customer was very happy with.

Chanel Patent Colour Change

Please note: There are risks involved with a patent Colour Change, as patent leather can be a very unpredictable leather to work with and we cannot for see how even the end result will be.



Having already picked up some staining after light use our client decided they wanted this Chanel to go classic black to get many more years wear out of it. Using professional dyes which will not transfer or wear in any different way to that of your original Chanel, this Colour Change treatment was a great success.



Lighter coloured fabric can mark easily and be hard to maintain, but luckily here at The Handbag Spa we have experts on hand to help. A Colour Change to the trim on this Chanel tote transformed its whole look and gave the bag a whole new lease of life!



Chanel Colour Restoration

The key with Colour Restoration is to revive the handbag’s original colour, without giving the appearance of looking ‘painted’ on! This quilted Chanel bag has been given years after it underwent a Full Clean, Colour Restoration and Strap Restoration.


When we say full works we mean it! This Chanel came in extremely worn with severe colour wear both on the main body and handle. This required a Chanel Handbag Cleaning treatment, Full Colour Restoration and Chanel Strap Restoration process to bring it back to a wearable condition. This one takes pride of place in our gallery as we feel the results are truly outstanding.


This beautiful Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap came in looking tired, faded and in need of full colour restoration. The handbag was cleaned inside & out and the colour was matched to the original leather found on an unworn area inside the pocket. Using specialist colours and finishes, this Chanel was colour restored whilst retaining it’s soft feel, which is a key characteristic of the Chanel lambskin leather.


Well loved, well used and in need of a new lease of life, this faded lambskin bag was in much need of a Chanel Handbag Cleaning and Full Colour Restoration treatment when it came into the spa. Thankfully the technicians worked their magic to bring the unique peach colour back to this Chanel.



The day-to-day build up of dirt can actually make your bag look shiner, as you can see from this Chanel before photo. In this example, we carried out our Chanel Handbag Cleaning treatment to remove the surface dirt and refresh the bag, a Colour Restoration process was then required to rejuvenate the colour. This Chanel was then Re-finished with a Saint Gloss effect, which was in keeping with the original finish, before dirt made its surface shiney. You can specify a chosen finish (matt, satin gloss or hi-shine) when your handbag arrives at the spa.


This beige Chanel GST was lovingly treated at The Handbag Spa, with a Full Clean, Dye Transfer Removal, Colour Refresh and Handle Colour Refresh. Our technicians have plenty of experience with Caviar leather, so with their expert care and attention, we managed to bring this Chanel back to its former glory.

Our customer was very happy with the results, as Ishbel wrote on Google: ‘Fabulous way to have a much loved bag madeover like new!!’

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This unique Chanel handbag was suffering with a bad case of colour fade when it came into The Handbag Spa. Luckily our technicians can colour match by eye, so they restored the overall handbag back to its original white colour – including the strap. The black paint detail was then added to get the bag looking fresh and in ‘like new’ condition again.



Chanel Dye Transfer Removal

Dye transfer needn’t be a drama! Here at The Handbag Spa we have proven results with removing dye transfer from all types of fabric and leather. This bag had a Chanel Handbag Cleaning, Dye Transfer Removal and Full Colour Restoration (inc the strap) treatment by the experts at the spa. Now you’d have no idea of it’s dark past…



This Chanel came in with severe dye transfer and over all colour wear. So the team carried out a Chanel Handbag Cleaning, Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restoration treatment to restore the leather. With light coloured bags we do recommend adding on Stain Protection to your package for an extra £20.00.


Chanel Stain Removal

This unfinished caviar Chanel arrived with an unsightly stain on the bottom that had been picked up from a liquid spillage. Undergoing a Stain Removal treatment the stain was lifted and the colour rectified to an even finish. All this and not even losing the unusual sparkle effect!




Chanel Handbag Cleaning on Fabric

Coffee stain? No problem. After this handbag had a disaster with a cup of coffee the customer thought that was it. Then she found our Handbag Spa and decided to send it in for a specialist Chanel Handbag Cleaning process. The Chanel bag was returned to the customer stain free, clean and looking great. Smiles all round.


Chanel Handbag Suede Clean

It’s easy to feel like your handbag is ruined when you see the build up dirt and dye transfer has stained it, but here’s where The Handbag Spa can help! The below beige suede Chanel had our exclusive HBSpa treatment and Suede Clean – and now it looks good as new.


Chanel Mould Removal

Damp happens… then mould can grow on the leather and fabric affecting a handbags appearance and smell – something this quilted caviar Chanel handbag had a bad case of when it came into the spa!

Luckily, thanks to our HBSpa system and specialist cleaning techniques the problem of mould can be eliminated! Not only that, but we also removed the horrible odour that so often comes with mould. Sometimes the original colour may needing reviving with a Colour Restoration treatment after mould removal, as the mould can cause damage to the surface of the leather. It is not always evident that this has happened until after the Mould Removal treatment.



Chanel Colour Lining Strip and Dye

The inside of a woman’s handbag can see a lot of use and subsequent wear and tear as result! The lining of this Chanel handbag had actually torn and started peeling before it’s trip to The Handbag Spa. The technicians repaired and restored the area in order to give the handbag a lot more years of use!



Chanel Corner Repair




Chanel Cat Scratch Leather Repair

So the cat decides to use your bag as a scratching post! What do you do!? Here in our Spa we repair each scratch one at a time preserving the original leather then refinishing the surface to even out the appearance. This treatment is a Bespoke treatment and is priced based on the level of damage.


Chanel Shoe Restoration

These beautiful pearlescent Chanel Pumps came to the Spa needing some help. Despite our title being ‘handbag’ spa we are a dab hand and shoes too! After a full clean and freshen up then re-finished with a pearlescent finish to match that of the original leather they are looking as good as new and are ready to hit the streets again!


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Have you got a handbag at the bottom of your wardrobe? Once loved now forgotten? Why not see what we can do for your Chanel handbag and get a quote today!

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