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How long will the process take?

The process will take from between 2 and 6 weeks depending on the package chosen.

The Marbella package generally takes around 2 weeks.
The Monaco Treatment takes around 4 weeks.
The Milan up to 6 weeks.

This will be confirmed with you when you check your bag in to The Handbag Spa and you will be kept informed by email.

Are you Insured?

Your bag is fully insured during its treatment at The Handbag Spa against loss or damage. Our couriers are all fully insured and our Agents and Drop Off Points have insurance whilst your handbag is with them. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information.

What is your guarantee?

The processes on your handbag are all carried out to the highest level, using the appropriate professional products. After your bag has been returned to you we will recommend the correct ongoing care products. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your bag after treatment we will happily take the bag back in for assessment within the first 12 months. If at any time The Handbag Spa feel that the incorrect care of the bag has led to any subsequent problems we reserve the right to charge for extra work involved.

What if I choose the wrong treatment?

Your bag is fully inspected by one of our trained technicians on arrival at The Handbag Spa and if you have chosen the wrong package a member of the team will contact you to discuss what is required to make sure your bag gets the very best treatment. If this involves a difference in the price this will be adjusted during this process.

Can I send my bag from abroad?

Of course, we accept bags from all over the world. If you live in Europe we even offer a Pick Up and Drop Off Service from your home or place of work to make getting your bag to us even easier.

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Cleaning & restoration

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Unique cleaning system
  • High quality guaranteed
Restore your bag
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  • Take the spa home
  • Waterbased products
  • Designed for handbags

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