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This customer’s canvas Gucci handbag came into The Handbag Spa looking a little distressed and in need of a pamper. First of all, the technicians undertook our exclusive Gucci Handbag Cleaning treatment. which is perfect for cleaning up the canvas! Furthermore, the team then went about smoothing over the leather corner trim. Afterwards undertaking a Colour Touch Up treatment to freshen up the brown colour of the leather trim.

Gucci fabric canvas bag spa


Have a designer nappy bag in need of a specialist clean? We get lots of Gucci gg diaper bags through our doors in need of some TLC! This black canvas version came into the spa for a Gucci Handbag Cleaning treatment and Recolour to the leather trim. This ensured the Gucci bag was cleaned inside and out, so it left The Handbag Spa looking revived and refreshed. In addition to undertaking a professional clean, we would recommend using our Anti-Bacterial Cleanse for cleaning diaper handbags at home. This product is scientifically proven to kill 99% of bacteria, so you can rest assured your nappy bag is germ free.



Gucci Suede And Nubuck Clean

Nubuck leather can be a notoriously hard to maintain. That coupled with the light taupe colour of this Gucci 1970 handbag meant it was a magnet for dark Dye Transfer marks! Luckily, here at The Handbag Spa, we offer a specialist Nubuck Clean treatment. This can reduce dye transfer marks from denim and get handbags back to looking their best.

Gucci nubuck bag stain clean


This suede Gucci handbag needed an expert clean when it came into the spa. Consequently, with use its exterior was looking dusty and dirty. After the technicians carried out a Suede Clean, the designer bag looked much cleaner. With the marks and stains considerably reduced.



Gucci Colour Restoration

The Jackie Gucci handbag is an iconic style, as made popular by Jackie O herself! Unfortunately this leather style commonly suffers with colour fade. Luckily we have lots of experience rectifying the colour and bringing Gucci bags back to life!

The below brown Jackie bag was looking very worn upon arrival, one of the handles had even snapped off! This definitely called for the full works. So the team gave the Gucci handbag a Full Clean, Handle Replacement x2, Corner Repair x4 and a Colour Restoration. After the experts had worked their magic on this Gucci handbag, people had no idea of its previous condition…



Mandarin orange is definitely a colour you want to keep looking vibrant for maximum impact! This Jackie shoulder bag came into The Handbag Spa for a Full Clean and Colour Restoration treatment. The Full Clean ensured that any surface dirt was removed, enabling the technicians to then apply the bespoke orange colour onto the exterior. The team matched the new colour to the original shade by eye. As a result, this Gucci handbag is ready for many more seasons to come…



This customer sent her blush pink monogram Gucci bag into The Handbag Spa for some R&R! Bottom of handbags can definitely see some wear and dirt build up with use and this designer bag was no exception. Consequently, we recommended a Full Clean and Full Colour Restoration to freshen up its appearance. The combination of these treatments meant this Gucci handbag looked immaculate when it left the spa and we had a very happy customer as a result.



The navy colour of this Jackie Gucci handbag had really faded. It was definitely in need of our restoration expertise to transform the bag back to its former glory. It underwent our Gucci Handbag Cleaning, Corner Repairs and Colour Restoration treatments here at The Handbag Spa. Because of these treatments, the customer was left with a Gucci handbag, looking (almost) as good as new!


A bright red bag is definitely one you want to keep looking its best. Although exposure to UV rays combined with the buildup of dirt and grease over time doesn’t make this easy! Colour fade is such a common problem for handbags, which this soho Gucci handbag had a bad case of. Due to years of use, the owner of this bag decided to send it to The Handbag Spa for some expert attention. As a result of the Full Clean and Colour Restoration treatments, this Gucci handbag is back in tip-top condition.



Gucci Stain Removal

This small exotic leather Gucci handbag had some yellow staining on its exterior which the owner wanted gone. The technicians rectified this with a Full Clean and Colour Refresh, as a result the customer was happy with her finished handbag.


Protecting Your Fabric Gucci Handbag

Protect your fabric, canvas, suede and nubuck bags with Hydro Protect, a non-solvent and fragrance free waterproofing spray, allowing you to take your prized handbag out whatever the weather. Apply this product every 2 weeks if you use your bag on a regular basis.

CAN BE USED ON: Suede, Nubuck & Fabric





– Just spray a light layer evenly directly onto your bag

– Leave to air dry

– Apply 2-3 light coats to ensure maximum protection



Why not treat yours to a Gucci Handbag Cleaning treatment & contact The Handbag Spa directly on:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709


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