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We do love a challenge here at The Handbag Spa and there is nothing more satisfying than completely transforming a handbag! A Handbag Colour Change treatment is a great way to update a well-loved handbag or purse.

Below are some examples of bags which have been transformed with a change of colour…


Handbag Colour Change

This Prada double zip came into The Handbag Spa in a pink shade, which the customer felt wasn’t working for her anymore. Afterall, lighter coloured bags are notorious for picking up staining and showing dirt up. She asked our team to change its interior and exterior colour to black, which is a great colour for covering up stains. This colour change is in keeping with the rest of Prada’s double zip tote range and worked to really transform the overall bag.


A Full Colour Change to black is a great way to ensure your designer handbag remains timeless and ready for many seasons to come! This Mulberry Alexa had seen better days, but thanks to our Handbag Colour Change treatment it looked refreshed and revived! Makeover your handbag and request an estimate today!


The size and style of this TOD’s D Bauletto bag makes it the perfect work horse handbag. Although, the downside of daily use is that this customers attained some light staining and had become generally grubby. Going forward, the customer felt changing the colour to black would give the handbag a whole new lease of life, but still ensure that it’s wearable style. She choose our team to carry out the Handbag Colour Change on her Tod’s, as we have vast experience and proven results in this area. After looking at the results, it’s hard to believe it’s the same handbag!

Chanel handbags are well known for retaining their value, so they’re definitely worth investing in! This client wanted a Colour Change from cream to black to keep her Chanel looking modern and wearable. The transformation was achieved by the technicians at The Handbag Spa, using professional products, which will not transfer or rub off over time. 



Lighter coloured bags, are notorious for picking up stains and showing dirt. So a Colour Change to a darker shade is a great way to make your bag a little more wearable. This customer opted for black, which ensured even coverage of the original colour and also was in keeping with Chanel’s handbag range. The technicians undertook a Full Clean, which is necessary before proceeding with a Colour Change. In order to remove any surface dirt and prep the bag. Afterwards black dye was applied to the exterior of the handbag and it’s chain strap.

We had one happy customer, who said of the service:

‘Excellent and professional service from the Handbag Spa, always! Recommend to all’


Handbag Partial Colour Change


Lighter coloured fabric can mark easily and be hard to maintain, but luckily here at The Handbag Spa we have experts on hand to help. A Colour Change to the trim on this Chanel tote transformed its whole look. Giving the bag a whole new lease of life!


Dye transfer had severely affected the look of the light brown panels on this Jimmy Choo handbag. After a clean it became apparent that these stubborn stains wouldn’t lift. So the technicians recommended dying the panels to a darker chocolate brown shade. The customer agreed and was thrilled with the results.

Melanie got in touch to let us know: ‘Just picked my handbag up today it it looks amazing! What a fantastic job


This Mulberrys handbag trim was another case of stubborn staining, which would not lift during the cleaning process. So after consulting the customer, the technicians changed it to a darker chocolate brown. This gave this scotch grain handbag a new look.

Purse Colour Change

Sometimes staining can be so severe that a Colour Change is the best option for even coverage. This was definitely the case with this Mulberry leather purse, which had underlying grease present and many marks. After a review it was decided that dying it to a darker shade or brown would see the best results. It’s amazing to see what a difference the colour change had on the completed purse!


Shoes Colour Change

It’s not just handbags we clean and restore here at the spa! These cream Chloé pumps had seen better days – as we all know cream can be a hard colour to keep looking it’s best. The customer decided it would be best to change the colour of the shoes to a more wearable tan shade. This transformation worked well and the darker shade ensured even coverage of any previous staining. The technicians did such a good job that no-one would have any idea of their original colour.



Request an estimate for a Handbag Colour Change treatment today and contact The Handbag Spa directly:

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Email: info@thehandbagspa.com

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