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Colour fade or damage to the surface of leather can be fully restored by the experts here at The Handbag Spa. Our technicians are trained to mix colour by eye. So they can achieve a bespoke colour shade which blends in with the rest of the leather. Book your bag in for a Handbag Colour Restoration treatment today!


Gucci Handbag Colour Restoration

Brightly coloured handbags like this Gucci, deserve to be kept looking their radiant best. Although exposure to UV rays, the build-up of dirt and grease over time does not make this easy! This bags owner decided after years of use, to send it to The Handbag Spa for expert attention. After a HBSpa Clean and Full Handbag Colour Restoration this Gucci is in tip-top condition once again.


Burberry Handbag Colour Restoration

This unique Burberry stud hobo came into the spa for in need of a full restoration. Over time the original grey colour had darkened and even worn away in parts. After a Full Clean and Handbag Colour Restoration treatment by our technicians, the bag was transformed back to its beautiful self.


Balenciaga Handbag Colour Restoration

The original black colour of this Balenciaga handbag faded with years of use and was in need of a little TLC when it came into The Handbag Spa. Firstly, the workshop repaired the piping, which was exposed and had actually broken. They then carried out a Full Clean to remove any surface dirt from the handbag, then Colour Restoring it back to black. Now this bag is looking revived and ready for many more years use.


We were tasked with colour restoring this black Balenciaga City, whilst retaining it’s soft texture. It had our exclusive HBSpa treatment followed by Full Colour Restoration – there is no denying it’s amazing transformation!

The customer let us know how happy she is with the results: “I have just received my bag, and it looks great. It looks as good as new! Thank you so much. I am glad I gave my bag to you for colour repair”


Lanvin Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restoration

Tan is a great colour for a handbag, as it goes with so much – but dark dye transfer is not such a great look for any fashionista. Lighter coloured bags are very susceptible to this affliction. As we all want to wear our favourite arm candy with a trusty pair of jeans (like this customer and her Lanvin). Here at The Handbag Spa we offer a Dye Transfer Removal treatment, which typically sees the bag undertaking a Full Clean, Stain Removal and Colour Restoration in order to eradicate any marks.


Mulberry Handbag Colour Restoration

This Mulberry Alexa bag had seen a lot of wear over the years and needed a lot of attention to get it back to looking it’s best. The customer chose the Milan treatment which included a HBSpa Clean, Piping Repairs and Full Colour Restoration. An additional Detox treatment was also carried out as the bag had suffered from pet urine stains and smells.


The base of bag can see some serious wear and tear, which was the case with this Mulberry Bayswater. In order to restore this iconic bag back its original oak shade, it came into The Handbag Spa, where the technical team first fully cleaned it inside and out. The next stage was restore the colour, by using an interior tab, which had been unaffected through the seasons, as a reference point. Now this Bayswater is back to looking its beautiful best. We have plenty of experience with Mulberry handbags and definitely have the expertise to transform yours.


Céline Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restoration

This Céline luggage handbag had suffered wear and tear to the back with dye transfer from dark clothing. After a Dye Transfer Removal Treatment, Colour Restoration and Stain Protection this bag was ready to be worn with pride again.


Lady Dior Full Colour Restoration

This Lady Dior handbag looks all the better for a trip to The Handbag Spa! A full clean, combined with full colour restoration proved to be just the thing to bring this tired looking bag back to life.


Chanel Full Colour Restoration (inc strap)

This beautiful Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap came in looking tired, faded and in need of full colour restoration. The handbag was cleaned inside & out and the colour was matched to the original leather found on an unworn area inside the pocket. Using specialist colours and finishes, this Chanel was colour restored whilst retaining it’s soft feel, which is a key characteristic of the Chanel lambskin leather.


When we say full works we mean it! This Chanel came in extremely worn with severe colour wear both on the main body and handle. This required an Interior & Exterior Clean, Full Colour Restore and Chanel Strap Restore to bring it back to a wearable condition. This one takes pride of place in our gallery as we feel the results are truly outstanding.


The key with Colour Restoration is to revive the handbag’s original colour, without giving the appearance of looking ‘painted’ on! This Chanel has been given years after it underwent a Full Clean, Colour Restoration and Strap Restoration.


This beige Chanel GST was lovingly treated at The Handbag Spa, with a Full Clean, Dye Transfer Removal, Colour Refresh and Handle Colour Refresh. Our technicians have plenty of experience with Caviar leather. So with their expert care and attention, we managed to bring this Chanel back to its former glory.

Our customer was very happy with the results, as Ishbel wrote on Google: ‘Fabulous way to have a much loved bag madeover like new!!’


This unique Chanel handbag was suffering with a bad case of colour fade when it came into The Handbag Spa. Luckily our technicians can colour match by eye, so they restored the overall handbag back to its original white colour. The black paint detail was then added to get the bag looking fresh and in ‘like new’ condition again.


This Chanel came in with severe dye transfer and overall colour wear. We carried out a deep Interior and Exterior Clean, Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restore to restore the leather. With light coloured bags we do recommend adding on Stain Protection to your package for an extra £20.00.


So the cat decides to use your bag as a scratching post! What do you do!? Here in our Spa we repair each scratch one at a time preserving the original leather then refinishing the surface to even out the appearance. This treatment is a Bespoke treatment and is priced based on the level of damage.


We’re all guilty of putting our handbags down on any old surface, but this is where they can pick up stains and colour wear. Not to mention the germs the encounter! This quilted Chanel bag had a bad case of a stained bottom when it came into the spa for the pamper. We undertook a Full Interior and Exterior Clean, combined with Full Colour Restoration to get it looking fresh again! Now this Chanel handbag doesn’t have any unattractive dark marks.

Well loved, well used and in need of a new lease of life. This faded lambskin handbag was in much need of a Full Clean and Full Colour Restoration when it came into The Handbag Spa. Thankfully the technicians worked their magic to bring the unique peach colour back to this Chanel.


Prada Handbag Colour Restoration

This Prada handbag came in to the spa, looking dull and a little distressed with years of use. It was definitely in desperate need of some expert attention! Firstly our technicians gave the bag a Full Clean, followed by a Stain Removal process for the marks and finished with Full Colour Restoration. Now the handbag is back to looking its best and ready for many more years of use.


Lighter coloured handbag are notorious for fading, but dig out those handbags from the back of your wardrobe. As you can book them into The Handbag Spa, for our expert team to restore them back to their original colour! This Prada tote certainly looks rejuvenated after a Full Clean and Colour Restoration.


This customer was heartbroken when she discovered a can of hairspray had leaked inside her grey Prada handbag. This caused a severe stain and even flatten the leather’s natural grain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment which can rectify a flattened grain pattern. We undertook our Full Clean, Stain Removal and Colour Restoration treatments, which definitely did the handbag wonders! The technicians did such a good job of blending the bottom area of the bag in, that it’s now hard to tell that the grain pattern is flatter than the rest of the bag.


We love a challenge here at The Handbag Spa! This customer sent her Prada bag in, after seeing the colour fade severely over the years. She was very  keen to see its colour restored. Our specialist technicians hand finished the handbag back to its original and unique ombre effect, which is what attracted the customer to the handbag in the first place.


Lupo Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restoration

This Lupo bag sent in by one of our international customers and was in need of some TLC. It had suffered from ink stains, colour fading and dye transfer. We carried out the work and were left with a very happy customer. She even wrote on our Facebook page with her feedback.


Shoe Colour Restoration

These beautiful pearlescent Chanel Pumps came to the Spa needing some help. Despite our title being ‘handbag’ spa we are a dab hand and shoes too! After a Full Clean and Colour Restoration treatment, the team re-finished them with a pearlescent finish to match that of the original leather. The left looking as good as new and ready to hit the streets again!



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