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We can all relate to that annoying wear and tear that shows on the corners of our bags. Luckily we have the remedy here at The Handbag Spa with our Colour Touch Up treatment. We match every colour by eye, on the day for each individual handbag. Nothing is pre-mixed, so you can rest assured we will get the exact colour for your bag.


Mulberry Colour Touch Up

This Mulberry Ostrich leather purse, had some noticeable colour loss and marks when it came into the spa. After our expert technicians undertook a Colour Touch Up treatment (by matching the colour by eye), the purse was back to looking its best.



Celine Colour Touch Up

This Celine Tie bag was in need of cleaning and overall restoration work when it came into The Handbag Spa. The craftsmen firstly went about smoothing over the surface scratches on the leather, they then removed the liquid staining and gave the handbag a Full Clean. These treatments were so successful on the bag, that no colour restoration work was needed.



YSL Colour Touch Up

Coleen Rooney sent her bag in to The Handbag Spa for a colour touch up on an area of colour loss on the back of her YSL evening bag. The area was colour matched and touched up to eliminate the area of discolouration. Safe to say we had a happy client as a result!


Handbag Ink Removal & Colour Touch Up

Has your handbag got an ink mark annoying you? There are so many home remedies, but don’t be tempted by them! Most of them will take out the colour of the leather, leaving you with a mark even worse than what you started off with. This customer knew better that to try and remove the ink herself and sent in her deerskin Prada for an Ink Removal and Colour Touch Up treatment by our expert technicians. Now it’s hard to see that a mark was ever there…

Mulberry Ink Removal

Ink marks are very common and can really ruin the appearance of your favourite arm candy! Luckily, this Mulberry owner knew better than to undertake a DIY treatment and sent her handbag in to the spa for expert attention and restoration. After a HBSpa Clean and Ink Removal Treatment followed by a Colour Touch Up to blend in any colour loss, this Mulberry Mitzy was back to looking its best.

Mulberry Colour Touch up

Worn corners and colour loss are a very common issue we see with handbags at the spa, which is to be expected when we put our handbags down on all kinds of surfaces! For corner wear like this Mulberry Bayswaters, a Colour Touch Up treatment will rectify the colour loss and get it looking fresh again.



Prada Colour Touch up

This Prada Saffiano bag came into The Handbag Spa with a scuffed corner, which had lost its colour with it. Luckily the technicians could restore the white shade back to this area with a Colour Touch up treatment.



Have you got a handbag at the bottom of your wardrobe once loved and now forgotton? Why not see what we can do for your handbag or purse and get a quote today!

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