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Does this look familiar? Dye transfer can be an unsightly addition to your much loved handbag! Fortunately this common problem can be treated here at The Handbag Spa, with our Handbag Dye Transfer Removal treatment. 


Handbag Dye Transfer Removal

Here’s an example of our successful Dye Transfer Removal results as achieved on this Michael Kors tote, using professional cleaning and re-colouring techniques.


Many of the Mulberry Bags that come through our doors have been been well used and well loved. This Mulberry SBS dark marks were cleaned up with The Handbag Spa’a exclusive Handbag Dye Transfer Removal treatment alone, so no colour work was required!



This Mulberry Taylor really needed some TLC from dye transfer and general wear. After undergoing our exclusive Handbag Dye Transfer Removal treatment and Colour Restoration process it looks rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for more use!


Tan is a great colour for a handbag, as it goes with so much – but dark dye transfer is not such a great look for any fashionista. Lighter coloured bags are very susceptible to this affliction, as we all want to wear our favourite arm candy with a trusty pair of jeans (like this customer and her Lanvin). Here at The Handbag Spa we offer a Dye Transfer Removal treatment, which typically sees the bag undertaking a Full Clean, Stain Removal and Colour Correction in order to eradicate any marks.


This Chanel came in with severe dye transfer and overall colour wear. We carried out a deep Interior and Exterior Clean, Dye Transfer Removal and Colour Restore to restore the leather. With light coloured bags we do recommend adding on Stain Protection to your package for an extra £20.00.



Dye transfer doesn’t need to be a drama! This quilted Chanel handbag had a Full Clean, Dye Transfer Removal and Full Colour Restoration (inc the strap) at The Handbag Spa. Now you’d have no idea of it’s dark past..

Soft lambskin in a light colour can be a nightmare! This Céline had suffered wear and tear to the back with dye transfer from dark clothing. After a Dye Transfer Removal Treatment, Colour Restoration and Stain Protection this bag was ready to be worn with pride again.


Suede Dye Transfer Removal

Here at The Handbag Spa, we have proven results with removing dye transfer from all types of fabric and leather, including suede.

This Mulberry Daria stachel is a good example of severe suede dye transfer. As satchels are carried using the long across the body strap, they commonly pick up dye transfer from jeans and trousers. The team carried out a Full Suede Clean and Dye Transfer Removal treatment on the bag. You can prevent dye transfer with the regular use of a protector, such as Dermo Protect.

PLEASE NOTE: Suede cleaning may lighten the dyes and we cannot guarantee full removal of stains.


The below suede Chanel had a Full Clean treatment with our specialist suede cleaning processes. Now it looks good as new!

PLEASE NOTE: Suede cleaning may lighten the dyes and we cannot guarantee full removal of stains.


Coated Canvas Dye Transfer Removal

This customer came to The Handbag Spa feeling distraught. Her pink top left dye transfer on all over her Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag. Thanks to the Full Clean treatment, the technician’s managed to remove a majority of the dye. Giving this Neverfull tote a new lease of life.


A case of Dye Transfer blighted the bottom of this Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. This customer sent it into the Handbag Spa for our expert technicians to undertake a Full Clean and Dye Transfer Removal process to reduce the denim dye marks.



We recommend protecting leather against Dye Transfer with Dermo Protect.

This water-based spray, protects finished and unfinished leathers, from day to day staining, liquids, dye transfer, ink, oil, sunlight damage and more. Unlike it’s competitors, Dermo Protect protects the leather, whilst hydrating it at the same time and therefore allowing it to breath. Keep your leather handbag soft, supple and feeling the way it should.

CAN BE USED ON: Finished & Unfinished Leather, Full Grain, Aniline Leather, Lambskin, Calfskin, Exotic, Ostrich, Saffiano, Epi and Vachetta Leather.



– Just spray a light layer evenly onto a clean lint free cloth

– Test on an inconspicuous area such as the bottom or inside

– Wipe focusing on one panel at a time

– Leave to air dry

We recommend applying Dermo Protect monthly.


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