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Here at The Handbag Spa, we offer a range of treatments to ensure your handbags handles are back to looking their best! See below for examples of handbag handle degreasing, hardware replacements, re-edging treatments and more!

Handbag Handle Degreasing

Dark handbag handles are such a common problem we see here at the spa! Handles made from leather can go very dark due to the grease and natural oils from your hands penetrating the leather (in this case the Vachetta) this is particularly common if you wear a lot of hand cream! Fortunately, we offer a Handle Degrease treatment which aims to extract as much grease out of the leather as possible and lighten it. For a Louis Vuitton bag with a leather trim, we would recommend following up the Handle Degrease process with our overall Vachetta Restoration treatment.


This Louis Vuitton handbag had grease present in the handles and had darkened as a result. After a Handle Degreasing treatment and overall Vachetta Restoration process, the handles were lightened and marks on the leather trim of the main body of the bag were reduced considerably. It is our ethos to work with a handbags original features, so we do not colour over vachetta leather with pigment (as this usually peels and can make your bag look fake).


Here’s another example of a Louis Vuitton Handle Degrease treatment as undertaken by The Handbag Spa. The first photo depicts the handles looking darker with the grease content present. The image below shows how much lighter they are after we’ve extracted as much grease out of the handles as possible.


Handbag Handle Edging / Re-Inking Repair

Isn’t it annoying when the inking on your handle starts to go? It can quickly make your handbag look worn and aged. This can be resolved with our specialist Handle Edging Repair treatment. We will match the colour of your existing edging, remove the old damaged edging and re-apply a nice new coat.


We all like to hold our handbags by their handles, but unfortunately sometimes this means that the handle edging can wear away or peel off! Here at The Handbag Spa, our technicians are experts at re-inking handles. They match the new edging to the original colour, as you can see with this Michael Kors Handle before and after.


Handbag Handle Colour Touch Up

This Michael Kors handbag had a small scratch on the handle, but after a trip to the spa and a Colour Touch Up treatment, the area was completely rectified.


Handbag Stitching Handle Repairs

Handbags can see a lot of wear – carrying a woman’s day to day essentials can be heavy work and tears can happen as a result! The tabs on this Louis Vuitton handbag wore right through and tore. This meant the handle was unattached from the main body, making the bag unusable. We used Vachetta leather (like what Louis Vuitton use) to create four new tabs by hand. The repair was so successful that you can’t even tell that the tabs are a new addition to the overall bag!


One of the most common problems with a well loved Balenciaga bag is the handle rope becoming frayed. Here at The Handbag Spa, we can source matching string to replace it. So you can be assured that this iconic feature can be returned to looking its best. A perfect add on to any package for your loved Balenciaga bag.


The long strap on this Michael Kors handbag had seen plenty of use. One day the leather snapped away from the hardware (much to the disappointment of our client!) Thankfully the highly skilled technicians here at The Handbag Spa were able to repair the strap by hand. Now it’s hard to tell that the area was ever broken…


A fashion icon such as the Givenchy Antigona, deserves to look its best. Unfortunately our customers had been well used, well loved and needed The Handbag Spa to rescue it! After the addition of New Handles, a Full Clean and Full Colour Restoration this handbag is now ready for any occasion.


Handbag Hardware Replacement

You can imagine this customer’s surprise when the hardware broke off her Michael Kors handbag on a night out. She sent into The Handbag Spa for some care and attention. Once it arrived, we specially sourced a new part to ensure the strap connected to the bag correctly.


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