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Handbag Piping and Corners can see a lot of wear and tear, but not to fear – The Handbag Spa’s team of experts are here!  With prices starting from £40.00, there’s no excuse to have a handbag with worn corners or exposed piping!


Mulberry Handbag Piping Repair

This has to be one of the most common problems we see on Mulberry Bayswaters, a bit of an Achilles Heel of this almost indestructible bag. Our solution to this problem is to replace any damaged piping in that area. Then seal up the area using glues, fillers and pigments to rebuild the area so it’s strong. This means we don’t have to de-construct the bag, keeping it as close to the original as possible. Which is always our number one concern here at The Handbag Spa.


Here’s another example of one of our expert corner repairs. In this case the piping itself hadn’t broken yet, so the technicians worked to restore the area and then undertook a Colour Refresh. This ensured that we got this Mulberry Bayswater Tote back to looking its best.


A common problem on a lot of different types of handbags is worn corners, exposing the piping underneath. In order to retain the bag as close to the original as possible we simply repair only the area which is damaged rather that re-piping the whole bag which would involve dismantling the original stitching. Our trained technicians skillfully rebuild the area where the leather has come away and re-colour to match the original. This results in a strong repair to give the bag many more seasons wear.


The piping on this Mulberry Bayswater was actually broken when it arrived at The Handbag Spa HQ. After the Piping Repair and Colour Restoration treatments, this handbag has plenty more years left in it!


Chanel Handbag Corner Repair

This quilted Chanel handbag had been well used over the years, so much so that the corners had worn through and the white piping was now exposed. With prices starting from £40.00 for a corner repair, the customer decided the best thing to do was to send her handbag into the spa before the problem got any worse. The repair was skillfully undertaken by our technicians and was so successful that it’s hard to see that the piping was ever exposed in the after photo.


Gucci Handbag Corner Repair

The leather around the corner of this Gucci handbag had worn away and made the overall bag look aged. After coming into the spa for a Full Clean and Colour Restoration process, it looked revived and ready for many more seasons of use!


Bottega Veneta Corner Repair

Bottega Veneta Corner Repair and Colour Restoration


Mulberry Handbag Corner Colour Touch Up

Worn corners and colour loss are a very common issue we see with handbags at the spa. For corner wear like this Mulberry Bayswaters, a Colour Touch Up treatment will rectify the colour loss and get it looking fresh again.



Prada Handbag  Corner Colour Touch Up

This Prada Saffiano bag came into The Handbag Spa with a scuffed corner, which had lost its colour with it. Luckily the technicians could restore the white shade back to this area with a Colour Touch up treatment.



Have your handbag corners seen better days? Why not see what we can do for your handbag piping and request an estimate today!

Contact The Handbag Spa directly:

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