How Dirty Is Your Handbag?

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Even before the recent health concerns about the spread of bacteria THBS were very aware of the frightening amount of bacteria that can gather on and in our precious handbags. Did you know that your handbag can carry more germs than the average toilet seat?

But how do you remove bacteria from delicate materials like leather?

Alcohol gels and harsh cleaners designed to kill germs can damage your cherished handbags. That is why The Handbag Spa team developed the Anti-Bacterial Cleansing range. Tested by Initial Washroom Hygiene and designed specifically for use on all types of leather and fabric Anti-Bacterial Cleanse kills 99% of bacteria. It’s just what you need to keep your entire handbag collection sanitised and healthy inside and out.  Shop Anti-Bacterial Cleanse

Available for you to use at home as both a spray and handy wipes. Our Anti-Bacterial Cleansing wipes are safe to use on any surface which means you can also clean your phone, keys and any other germ magnets that you may have in your handbag!  Shop Anti-Bacterial Cleanse Wipes

All handbags that are sent to The Spa for our professional cleaning and restoration services receive a complimentary Anti-Bacterial Treatment worth £40 as standard, so for further peace of mind why not send your handbag to us for a full clean. From only £60 with free UK Collection and re-delivery.

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