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Michael Kors have a dedicated handbag fanbase and those in the know, know to send their arm candy to The Handbag Spa for a Michael Kors Handbag Cleaning treatment and more!


Michael Kors Dye Transfer Removal

This cream quilted Michael Kors handbag had dark marks blighting the back of its leather surface. Here at the spa, we undertook a specialist cleaning treatment followed by a colour correction process to remove the dye transfer and get the bag back to looking its best!

Use Dermo Protect on your handbag to avoid future Dye Transfer disasters!


Dye transfer from blue jeans on to a cream handbag is the stuff nightmares! Luckily this Michael Kors customer sent her handbag into The Handbag Spa, where it had an exclusive HBSpa Clean and Colour Touch Up. With The Handbag Spa’s range of treaments we can eliminate this problem from your Michael Kors too!


Michael Kors Handbag Cleaning

Accidents do happen… this mandarin Michael Kors handbag was sent in after a red wine spill. With our exclusive Michael Kors Handbag Cleaning treatment, all the marks cleaned up so no further work was needed!


Michael Kors Handle Edging Repair

We all like to hold our handbags by their handles, but unfortunately sometimes this means that the handle edging can wear away or peel off! Here at The Handbag Spa, our technicians are experts at re-inking handles and can match the new edging to the original colour, as you can see with this Michael Kors before and after.


Michael Kors Leather Scratch Repair

This Michael Kors handbag had a small scratch on the handle, but after a trip to the spa and a Colour Touch Up treatment, the area was completely rectified.


Michael Kors Leather Strap Repair

The long strap on this Michael Kors handbag had seen plenty of use and one day the leather snapped away from the hardware (much to the disappointment of our client!) Thankfully the highly skilled technicians here at The Handbag Spa were able to repair the strap by hand. Now it’s hard to tell that the area was ever broken…



Michael Kors Hardware Replacement

You can imagine this customer’s surprise when the hardware broke off her Michael Kors handbag on a night out! As a temporary measure she attached the handle to the side of the bag, but she was keen to have it reattached back to the centre, so sent into The Handbag Spa for some care and attention. Once it arrived, we specially sourced a new part to ensure the strap connected to the designer handbag correctly.

Michael Kors Colour Touch Up

You can imagine Sadja Shah’s shock when her daughter graffitied her brand new tan Michael Kors handbag (as featured in this Daily Mail article)! Thankfully, she came to The Handbag Spa, where it undertook a Full Clean and Colour Touch Up. Now there is no trace of the incident…


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Get a quote for your Michael Kors handbag today and contact The Handbag Spa directly:

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Email: info@thehandbagspa.com

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