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Prada handbags have icon status in world of luxury handbag brands, which is why they’re worth preserving. Here at The Handbag Spa, we offer high quality Prada Handbag Cleaning treatments, Repair and Restoration processes ranging from Full Cleans, Colour Restoration, Ink and Stain Removal to name a few. See our selection of before and after photos below for examples of expert work with Calfskin, Deerskin, Saffiano leather and more.


Prada Handbag Colour Restoration

This Prada handbag came in to the spa, looking dull and a little distressed with years of use – it was definitely in desperate need of some expert attention! Firstly our technicians carried out a Prada Handbag Cleaning treatment, followed by a Stain Removal process for the marks and then finished with Full Colour Restoration. Now the leather handbag is back to looking its best and you can hardly tell a mark was ever there!


We love a challenge here at The Handbag Spa! This customer sent her Prada bag in, keen to see its colour restored after it seeing the colour fade severely over the years. Our specialist technicians hand finished the stylish handbag back to its original and unique ombre effect, which is what attracted the customer to this luxury bag in the first place.


Lighter coloured handbags are notorious for fading, but dig out those bags from the back of your wardrobe and book them into The Handbag Spa, as we can restore them back to their original colour! Our technicians are trained to mix colour by eye, so they can achieve a bespoke colour shade which blends in with the rest of the leather. This Prada tote certainly looks rejuvenated after its Full Clean and Colour Restoration at the spa.


Prada Handbag Stain Removal

This customer was heartbroken when she discovered a can of hairspray had leaked inside her oyster grey Prada handbag, causing a severe stain and even flattening the leather’s natural grain. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment which can rectify a flattened grain pattern, which is something we advised the customer of when the bag arrived at the spa. We then undertook our Prada Handbag Cleaning, Stain Removal and Colour Restoration treatments, which definitely did the handbag wonders! The technicians did such a good job of blending the bottom area of the bag in, that it’s now hard to tell that the grain pattern is flatter than the rest of the bag.


This saffiano Prada Double Zip tote was in need of our care and attention when it came to The Handbag Spa with a white liquid stain all over its side. Our expert technicians carried out a Prada Handbag Cleaning and Stain Removal treatments to rectify the staining and ensure that no-one would now know of this bags dirty past..




Prada Handbag Ink Removal

Has your Prada handbag got an ink mark annoying you? There are so many home remedies, but don’t be tempted by them! Most of them will take out the colour of the leather, leaving you with a mark even worse than what you started off with. This customer knew better that to try and remove the ink herself and sent in her deerskin Prada for an Ink Removal and Colour Touch Up treatment by our expert technicians.

Purses can easily pick up stains from being carried around in a women’s handbag daily! This Prada purse was in need of a little rejuvenation when it came into The Handbag Spa. After undergoing a Full Clean, Ink Removal and Colour Restoration it looks refreshed and ready for many more years of use.


Prada Handbag Colour Touch Up

Can you spot the difference? You might think we may be limited with what treatments we can do for a canvas bag, but there are a number of processes our expert technicians can undertake here at the spa. This Prada tote had a cleansing Prada Handbag Cleaning treatment followed by a Colour Refresh to the leather trim. The combination of these treatments, ensured the bag was back to looking its best.

This Prada Saffiano bag came into The Handbag Spa with a scuffed corner. In addition to the light damage sustained, the colour had been lost too and due to the bags white colour, this was very noticeable! Luckily the technicians could restore the exact shade back to this area with a Colour Touch up treatment.



Prada Handbag Colour Change

This Prada double zip tote came into The Handbag Spa in a blush pink shade, which the customer felt wasn’t working for her anymore. Afterall, lighter coloured bags are notorious for picking up staining and showing dirt up. She asked our team to change its interior and exterior colour to black, which is a great colour for covering up stains. This colour change is in keeping with the rest of Prada’s double zip tote range and worked to really transform the overall bag.



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Have you got a handbag at the bottom of your wardrobe? Once loved now forgotten? Why not see what we can do for your Prada handbag or purse and get a quote today!

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