Soft & Supple Kit


The Handbag Spa Soft & Supple Kit for cleaning, protecting and nourishing leather handbags and purses.

– Dermo Protect 60ml
– Sensitive Cleanse 60ml
– Pure Hydrate 60ml

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The Handbag Spa Soft & Supple Kit has been put together for handbags that need nourishment. All three products have hydration factors to bring back tired dry leather.

The Handbag Spa Soft & Supple Kit Includes:
x1 Dermo Protect 60ml

The Handbag Spa product Dermo Protect is what every woman (or man) needs to prevent those handbag horrors from happening. We all know how awful dark handles can look, and how unsightly the dark blue hue of denim dye transfer can be. So The Handbag Spa has specially developed a protection product for leather that will help to prevent these things from occurring! Not only that but it will also stop problems such as rain marks and lots of types of liquid staining such as red wine and coffee!

Use this product on a new handbag and keep it looking its best for longer. If you choose to use this product on an already well loved handbag or purse then we recommend your item is professionally cleaned prior to use to ensure you get the most out of this product.

This is so much more than a typical water proofing spray that can ultimately dry out your leather and not prevent problems such as grease and dye transfer. This is a water based stain guard product designed by the worlds finest leather chemists making it the best handbag protector you can buy!

x1 Sensitive Cleanse 60ml

When it comes to unfinished leathers such as the Chanel lamb skin or the popular veg tanned leather by Mulberry a traditional foam based cleaner simply won’t do. This is because the delicate leathers can be so absorbent they suck up the product as soon as it hits the surface not allowing you to do any cleaning. Because of this we have specifically designed a cleaner for unfinished leathers which is a thicker solution that sits on the surface for longer allowing you to clean off that day to day dirt build up.

x1 Pure Hydrate 60ml

The Handbag Spa Pure Hydrate is a deep hydration crème for finished and unfinished leather bags, restoring the natural softness. Pure Hydrate replenishes the natural oils that your handbag leather loses over time. It will give an intense hydration treatment to your bag, so if your leather is feeling a little dry then this is the perfect product for you!

Can be used on:

Finished Leather
Unfinished Leather
Calf Skin
Lamb Skin
Full Grain Leather
Saffiano Leather
Aniline Leather
Ostrich Leather

Not for use on: Suede, Nubuck, Fabric

See individual products for How To Use instructions.