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The Marbella
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Turnaround time Approximately 2 weeks
Products used Waterbased
Suitable for All types of leather and fabric

The Marbella

The Marbella Treatment

Perfect for handbags that have seen 1 - 2 seasons wear. This deep cleansing treatment will lift day to day dirt build up from the surface of all types of leather and fabric.

Treatment Package includes the following:

HBSpa Clean
Interior Clean
Exterior Clean
Metal Polish

If your item has signs of colour wear or staining then we suggest you upgrade to a Monaco treatment. For darkened handles we recommend you add Degreasing to your package.

You can add any of the following treatments to your package for only £20.00 each!

DETOX - scientifically proven to kill 99% of bacteria found on your handbag
DEGREASING - perfect for darkened handles or oil based spillages.
STAIN PROTECTION - protect your bag from oils and dye transfer

For more information on the additional treatments or if you have a specific requirement see our bespoke treatments page and send us images of your bag for a personalised quote.

Treatment package includes a complimentary dust cover and handbag cleaning wipes. Book today and receive a free collection.

Return delivery using an insured courier is £15.00.



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