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Protect Your New Handbag

Few things compare to the feeling of bringing a brand new leather handbag home. But before you take your arm candy anywhere it’s important to protect your new handbag – as many customers have found out the hard way!

Protecting your handbag’s leather means that it has layer to help stop stain’s penetrating the leather itself. This layer of protection  makes it easier to then clean your handbag and therefore prolong its life.


The Problem with Solvent Handbag Protectors…

There are many products on the market which will claim to protect your new handbag, but choose wisley!

Some leather protectors available to buy on the market may seem that they tick all the boxes, but are in fact so heavily silicone based that they are suffocating the leather! Meaning that they’re not allowing its porous nature to breath and thus slowly drying the leather out.

Solvent protectors tend use a silicone ingredient to coat the leather, which does repel stains (so visually these products look impressive), but over time they do dry out the leather, effecting the feel and finish over time.

The application of silicone based products on to leather can also hinder its chances of restoration further down the line. It is extremely difficult to clean and restore leather which has silicone on and pigments are unlikely to bond making re-colouring processes very difficult if not sometimes impossible.

In other cases some handbag protector sprays on the market are no more than wax or oil based ‘conditioning’ solutions which in no way protect the leather. If you find that although you have been applying protector and you are still finding dye transfer to be occuring or liquid staining to be happening, then it probably means the product is not working and that it may not even be a protecting solution.

Because of these factors we highly recommend using our exclusive Dermo Protect product to protect your beloved handbag.


So Why Choose Dermo Protect?

Dermo Protect is a water-based handbag protector spray, which protects finished and un-finished leathers from day to day staining, liquids, dye transfer, ink, oil, sun light damage and more! Making it the perfect product to protect your new handbag.

Unlike it’s compeititors, Dermo Protect protects the leather, whilst hydrating it at the same time and therefore allowing it to breath. This in turns ensure the leather is kept soft, supple and feeling the way it should.

What you may not realise is that leather needs moisture and actually benefits from it. We keep hydration at the heart of our handbag after-care products, ensuring our full range is water-based.

Over the years The Handbag Spa has worked closely with the worlds finest leather chemists, using advance fluro carbon technology to create the best protection results on the market.

CAN BE USED ON: Finished & Unfinished Leather, Full Grain, Aniline Leather, Lambskin, Calfskin, Exotic, Ostrich, Saffiano, Epi and Vachetta Leather.

NOT FOR USE ON: Suede, Nubuck & Fabric


How to use

– Just spray a light layer evenly onto a clean lint free cloth

– Test on an inconspicuous area such as the bottom or inside

– Wipe focusing on one panel at a time

– Leave to air dry

Use monthly to ensure maximum stain guard protection is achieved!

Please note, this product will darken unfinished leathers when first applied, but the leather will dry back to it’s original colour.


Dermo Protect can be used as a stand alone product or in conjunction with Everyday 3in1 and Dermo Cleanse for the ultimate combination in handbag after care. Helping to maintain your handbags condition.


Hydro Protect

Protect your suede, nubuck and fabric bags with Hydro Protect, a non-solvent and fragrance free waterproofing spray. Allowing you to take your prized handbag out whatever the weather. Apply this product every 2 weeks if you use your bag on a regular basis. We also recommend reapplying Hydro Protect if your bag has been caught in the rain.

CAN BE USED ON: Suede, Nubuck & Fabric

NOT FOR USE ON: Finished and Unfinished Leather



– Just spray a light layer evenly directly onto your bag

– Leave to air dry

– Apply 2-3 light coats to ensure maximum protection

For cleaning suede and fabric we recommend using Anti-Bacterial Cleanse.

NOTE: None of The Handbag Spa products will alter the look, feel or finish of a leather handbag in any way!



You can contact us for more on how to protect your new handbag:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709


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