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Our name may be ‘Handbag’ Spa, but we do have lots of experience with leather Purse Cleaning and Restoration.


Prada Purse Ink Removal

Purses can easily pick up stains from being carried around in a women’s handbag daily! This Prada purse was in need of a little rejuvenation when it came into The Handbag Spa. After undergoing our Purse Cleaning treatment, Ink Removal and Colour Restoration process, it looks refreshed and ready for many more years of use.


Mulberry Purse Stain Removal

Purses are exposed to all kinds of potential staining hazards whilst in our handbags (pens, perfume and drinks to name a few!) We refreshed this customer’s Mulberry purse in oak with a hand clean using specialist cleaners for unfinished leather.



This customer sent in her Mulberry purse after a pen leaked and left a stain. Luckily after calling The Handbag Spa, we were able to remove the ink and Colour Touch Up the area – leaving no trace that the stain was ever there! A lucky escape for a beautiful purse…


Mulberry Purse Colour Change

Sometimes staining can be so severe that a Colour Change is the best option for even coverage. This was definitely the case with this Mulberry leather purse, which had underlying grease present and many marks. After a review it was decided that dying it to a darker shade or brown would see the best results. It’s amazing to see what a difference the colour change had on the completed purse! Here at The Handbag Spa, we use professional products and finishes, which will not rub off or run over time.

Coach Purse Cleaning Treatment

After looking up a home remedy to soak up a bad smell using bi-carbonate soda, this purse got in a bit of a state. There was white powder in every nook and cranny! An Interior Clean on the leather and fabric sorted this right out. As well as bags we do offer our services on purses too and they a cheaper, so well worth submitting a form for a quote.



Mulberry Colour Touch up

This Mulberry Ostrich leather purse, had some noticeable colour loss and marks when it came into the spa. After our expert technicians undertook a Purse Cleaning treatment, followed by a Colour Touch Up process (matching the colour by eye), the purse was back to looking its best.


Contact The Handbag Spa

Do you have a purse in need of our expert attention and restoration work? Request an estimate and contact The Handbag Spa:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709

Email: info@thehandbagspa.com

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