What is Coated Canvas and How Do I Look After It?

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Ever seen the term made from Coated Canvas whilst handbag shopping and wondered what exactly it meant? Well the experts at The Handbag Spa are here to help!


About Coated Canvas

So what is Coated Canvas? This may come as a shock to some handbag enthusiasts, but simply put, it’s cotton canvas (or fabric) coated with PVC. It can be surprising to discover that your Polyvinyl Chloride coated bag is not in fact leather. However, it may still have some leather components, such as the handles or piping (like Louis Vuitton’s Vachetta trim).

Coated Canvas is used by designer brands such as Louis Vuitton (typically on their Monogram and Damier lines), Dior, Fendi and Goyard. Gucci also use Coated Canvas (GG Plus) on a number of their handbags and also offer their own unique Crystal Canvas and Dialux Canvas incarnation.

Luxury handbags which typically are made from Coated Canvas:

Gucci Boston, Goyard Anjou Tote / Saint Louis PM bag, Louis Vuitton Alma /  Galleria / Keepall / Neverfull and Speedy.


Coated Canvas Benefits

Don’t despair if you purchased a Coated Canvas item believing it was leather, as Coated Canvas does have its own range of benefits. The application of a plastic coating, ensures that handbags made from Coated Canvas are lightweight and durable – so no more back problems from carrying heavy bags for these connoisseurs! It’s scratch resistant property also makes it an enticing choice for a handbag to be made from. Another feature of this material includes, its waterproof nature. This makes it easy to clean with the correct specialist cleaning products. Find out more on maintaining your coated canvas item below.


How to Care for Coated Canvas

The experts at The Handbag Spa have years of experience working with Coated Canvas and collaborated with the world’s finest leather chemists to create a range of water-based products which are suitable for use on this material.


Anti-Bacterial Cleanse

Scientific tests have proven that a handbag can carry more bacteria than your average toilet seat! Gross right?

Here at The Handbag Spa, we care about healthy handbags and have sought to eliminate the risk, by working with the world’s finest leather chemists to create Anti-Bacterial Cleanse. The U.K’s only anti-bacterial killing product, specifically designed for handbags and proven to kill 99% of common bacteria!

Anti-Bacterial Cleanse can be used on ALL types of leather, fabric and coated canvas making it the perfect product for all handbags and purses! So finished and unfinished leathers, lambskin and exotic leathers, suede, nubuck and all types of fabric (including coated canvas) can all be bacteria free.

CAN BE USED ON: On all types of fabric, canvas & leather!

Shop Anti-Bacterial Cleanse now


– Simply mist Anti-Bacterial Cleanse over the area / bag

– Leave to air dry

Please note: You do not need to rub this product in or spot clean for Anti-Bacterial Cleanse to work. 


Anti-Bacterial ‘On-the-go’ Wipes

Be prepared for any emergency spillages on you beloved bag with The Handbag Spa’s ‘On-the-Go’ wipes. These antibacterial cleaning wipes are a much safer alternative to using baby wipes, which can damage your handbags finish and therefore create a build up of product that’s hard to remove. These effective and affordable wipes are also great for cleaning handles and removing the build of dirt on linings.

Like Anti-Bacterial Cleanse, On-The-Go Wipes are safe to use on all types of fabric and leather, so they can be used on your whole handbag and purse collection!

CAN BE USED ON: On all types of fabric, canvas & leather!

Shop Handbag Cleaning Wipes now


– Simply open the sachet and take out a wipe

– Massage onto the bag, ensuring you work on a full panel at a time

– Leave to air dry

Please note: this product may darken unfinished leathers when first applied, but the leather will dry back to it’s original colour.


Coated Canvas Before & After

If your handbag has been used for a number of years, it might be better to send it in to the experts at The Handbag Spa, where it can undergo treatments to restore and refresh its appearance.

The Speedy style is one of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic handbags. Unfortunately the coated canvas on this customer’s was blighted by a small white mark on the middle of the LV monogram pattern. We recommended our HBSpa treatment, which eradicated the stain and kept the handbag looking its best.



This Louis Vuitton Damier Azur tote came into The Handbag Spa for a Full Clean. The lighter coloured coated canvas was looking grubby after years of use and was in need of a little TLC. We revived the bag with our exclusive HBSpa Clean treatment, which ensured it was cleaned inside & out. You can book your bag into the spa for a HBSpa treatment today


Contact The Handbag Spa

You can request a quote for your Coated Canvas bag today and contact The Handbag Spa:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709

Email: info@thehandbagspa.com

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