What Is Lambskin Leather and How Do I Protect It?

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Have you ever seen the term ‘Lambskin’ leather and wondered what it meant? In the latest of our leather guides, we explore what exactly Lambskin leather is and how to maintain it.


About Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather is just that – leather made from the hide of young sheep. This lightweight and finely grained leather, is well known for its soft texture. It’s this buttery smooth feeling that sets it apart from other luxury leathers like caviar, which have a rougher texture in comparison.

With this softness comes a level of fragility to Lambskin, as it’s prone to scratches and stains which leather aficionados will know. This make care & maintenance key in ensuring the longevity of this leather. You can take care of yours by protecting the leather before taking your Lambskin handbag for its first outing. We recommend using Dermo Protect and cleaning with Sensitive Cleanse by The Handbag Spa, but more on that later.

Generally Lambskin is used for high-end items, such as small leather goods, handbags and jackets. Due to its quality and luxury connotations, Lambskin leather is a popular choice for Chanel handbags.

Designer handbags which are typically made from Lambskin leather:

Celine / Chanel / Dior


How to Care for Lambskin Leather

The experts at The Handbag Spa have years of experience working with Lambskin leather and have worked with the world’s finest leather chemists to create a range of water-based products which are suitable for use on Lambskin and specifically designed for use on delicate handbag leather.

Read Our 5 Tips To Clean and Care For Your Lambskin


Dermo Protect

Dermo Protect is a water based handbag protector spray, which protects finished and un-finished leathers (such as Lambskin) from day to day staining, liquids, dye transfer, ink, oil, sunlight damage and more!

Unlike it’s competitors (many of which contain silicon), Dermo Protect protects the leather, whilst hydrating it at the same time and therefore allowing it to breath. This in turn ensures the leather is kept soft, supple and feeling the way it should.

CAN BE USED ON: Finished & Unfinished Leather, Full Grain, Aniline Leather, Lambskin, Calfskin, Exotic, Ostrich, Saffiano, Epi and Vachetta Leather.



– Just spray a light layer evenly onto a clean lint free cloth

– Test on an inconspicuous area such as the bottom or inside

– Wipe focusing on one panel at a time

– Leave to air dry

Use monthly to ensure maximum stain guard protection is achieved.

Please note, this product may darken unfinished leathers when first applied, but the leather will dry back to it’s original colour.


Sensitive Cleanse

Sensitive Cleanse is a specially formulated cleaner for unfinished leathers (such as Lambskin). By creating a thick solution that sits on the surface for longer than other products, Sensitive Cleanse allows you to clean off the day-to-day buildup of dirt.

CAN BE USED ON: Finished & Unfinished Leather, Full Grain, Aniline, Lambskin, Caviar, Calfskin, Exotic, Ostrich, Saffiano, Epi and Vachetta Leather.



  • Just spray a light layer evenly onto a clean lint free cloth.

  • Test on an inconspicuous area (such as the bottom or inside).

  • Wipe focusing on one panel at a time.

  • Leave to air dry

Use monthly (depending on how regularly you use the bag). Ensure after cleaning with Sensitive Cleanse, you always protect the leather. We recommend using Dermo Protect for the ultimate protection against oils and dye transfer.

Please note, this product may darken unfinished leathers when first applied, but the leather will dry back to it’s original colour.

NOTE: None of The Handbag Spa products will alter the look, feel or finish of a leather handbag in any way!


Lambskin Leather Before & After

If your Lambskin leather handbag has been used for a number of years, it might be better to send it in to the experts at The Handbag Spa, where it can undergo treatments to restore and refresh its appearance.

Soft lambskin in a light colour can be a nightmare! This Céline had suffered wear and tear to the back with dye transfer from dark clothing. After undertaking a Dye Transfer Removal treatment, Colour Restoration process and Stain Protection, this bag was ready to be worn with pride again.


When we say full works we mean it! This Chanel came in extremely worn with severe colour wear both on the main body and handle. This required an Interior & Exterior Clean, Full Colour Restore and Chanel Strap Restore to bring it back to a wearable condition. This one takes pride of place in our gallery as we feel the results are truly outstanding.


Lighter coloured bags, such as this camel Chanel flap, are notorious for picking up stains and showing dirt, so a Colour Change to a darker shade is a great way to make your bag a little more wearable. This customer opted for black, which ensured even coverage of the original colour and also was in keeping with Chanel’s handbag range. The technicians undertook a Full Clean, which is necessary before proceeding with a Colour Change, in order to remove any surface dirt and prep the bag. Afterwards black dye was applied to the exterior of the handbag and it’s chain strap, to give it the desired makeover.

We had one happy customer, who said of the service:

‘Excellent and professional service from the Handbag Spa, always! Recommend to all.’


Contact The Handbag Spa

Request an estimate for your Lambskin bag today and contact The Handbag Spa:

Telephone: +44 1423 888 709

Email: info@thehandbagspa.com

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